The Wedding DeTailor offers a variety of  unique and valuable services to assist with wedding attire selection, styling and care.

Wedding gown pressing On-site clothing

DeTailor service

The Wedding DeTailor offers fitting solution consultations to assist with the selection of the best style and size to ensure a picture perfect fit! We are also available for technical assistance with gown shopping.

If you are a woman who likes well-fitting clothing and find that your feminine curves do not always fit into standardized sizes, let us assist you in restyling your gown for the most flattering and comfortable fit.

Your Complete Wedding Gown Specialist

Our DeTailors come to your wedding site with the equipment and knowledge necessary to press and handle any clothing details needing attention, assisting the wedding party from the photo session to the aisle.

Leave the details to the pros and enjoy your special day!

Do you have a beloved family heirloom that you would like to use on your wedding day? Let us creatively “Re-Tailor” your treasure into something designed uniquely for you!

Figure analysis ,

fitting consultations and technical shopping

Heirlooms Redesigned

Expert wedding gown