"Heidi and Violet were angels from above on our wedding day! They perfected my dress, tailored my husband's tux, and took care of every last detail.  Not to mention they are quality people passionate about their work..........If you aren't sure, it is so very worth it to budget for these ladies to be there on your big day - saved us and presented us in perfection!"                    - Mille V.

"Imagine as if the incredibly talented mice from Cinderella came to life in the human form - kinder than anyone you've ever known and helping in ways beyond words to bring absolute magic to your day - and then you'll start to have an idea of the type of experience you can expect from Heidi and her team."                                          -Mellisa T., The Art of Etiquette 

"Violet, you're a blessing to have around at any wedding and really take great care of the bride..."  -AVR Films

"Heidi and her team are absolutely amazing! She steamed and pressed everything I needed and went above and beyond helping with things I never thought of. She's amazing and a dream to have on your big day! Highly recommend!! "                              -Christina H.

photos by John and Joseph

"I was second-shooting a wedding with AVR Films... and had the worst cough attack. This young lady saved my life and found a much needed bottle of water! I have no idea how she did that! You guys not only help with the couple but you always help other vendors which in turn helps us be better for the client. ...thanks so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness."

                                                            -Swoon Films

"If you are having a wedding in Napa Valley, RUN to the phone and book Heidi!  She is so very talented and so much fun to be around and completely takes the stress out of pressing expensive dresses and tuxedos.   It was so stress-free and wonderful to have all of those things taken care of and MOB didn't have to do a thing except admire the Bride and Groom."                     -Jill C.         

"Absolutely exquisite attention and a dream to work alongside!"            

                                       -Megan C.,

            Megan Clouse Photography 

 " My Favorite "Heidi and Violet- save -the -day story is when they were working a wedding at Meadowood for Rosemary Events and one of the bridesmaids was riding to the ceremony in a golf cart and her dress got stuck in the wheels and was ripped apart... it was like a bad movie! Heidi and Violet worked their magic and had the dress completely repaired in time for the ceremony— like nothing had even happened. They saved the day !"                                          

 -Sarah B.

"Heidi has helped so many of my clients with alterations on their wedding day, pressing the bride's gown to the entire bridal party, adding a custom monogram to the bride's gown and groom's suit, assisting with any last minute clothing details to just being an overall sweet woman to have around.  She has a very calming demeanor, she keeps the bridal party on time, and she helps the bride get dressed, assist with photos and relieve the tension between the bride and the mother of the bride. I can't imagine NOT having Heidi at a wedding, she is a godsend! And she altered my wedding dress I bought in Switzerland and I could not have been more happy."          

                                                                      -Alison R., Alison Events