Figure Analysis and Fitting Consultations

The Wedding Detailor believes clothing should fit your personality, lifestyle and silhouette. We empower women to embrace and enhance their most unique and fabulous asset. We inspire women to love their bodies and to select great fitting and flattering clothing.

Our fitting solution consultations include full body measurements, figure analysis and advice on selecting the best style and size to ensure a picture perfect fit!  For additional support we are also available for technical assistance with gown shopping.

Brides often travel to their wedding site and find it challenging to arrive with their gown in perfect condition. Using a local dry cleaner requires time and risks re-wrinkling the gown in transport. Hotel irons are not designed to press fine fabrics and can damage the delicate specialty materials used in bridal gowns.  The Wedding DeTailor uses irons specifically designed to press and/or steam these special fabrics.
Our Detailors come to the wedding site with the equipment and knowledge it takes to make everyone look like the vision of their dreams.  We are prepared to press and troubleshoot any clothing mishaps that might arise, such as fitting issues, loose buttons, torn seams, etc.

Our DeTailor service includes:

  • Receiving shipped garments, storing them and transporting to the venue
  • Pressing the wedding gown and wedding party’s attire
  • Dressing and assisting the wedding party from the photo session to the aisle
  • Specialty sewing equipment and supplies to handle any clothing details needing attention
  • Bustling the dress after the service
  • Post wedding garment delivery to shipping or preservation services

And so much more…

Wedding Dresser On-Site

Pressing and Clothing Detailing Service

Leave the details to the pros and enjoy your special day!