Heidi has worked in the wedding industry for over 30 years. Based in the Napa Valley, she has served clientele all over the world; designing and creating custom gowns, performing expert fittings and alterations, and building a team of DeTailors who provide an on-side pressing and dressing service.

In 2018, the Wedding DeTailor moved into a spacious building in downtown Napa's Historic District where Heidi designs and creates in her sewing studio. She consults, performs fittings and alterations, teaches workshops and classes, and hosts bridal events. 

While she loves living and working in Napa Valley, Heidi also loves to travel with her husband, especially to bucket list destinations abroad like Machu Picchu and the Balinese coast. Every December, you'll find her in her kitchen baking hundreds of dozens (!) of holiday cookies to gift away. On top of her busy schedule, she dedicates time each week to care for her young grandson. 

photos by Robin Jolin

Jose Villa Mexico Workshop

photo by Meg Smith

Violet Johnson

Heidi Johnson

The Wedding Gown Whisperer

Violet grew up in Heidi's sewing studio and has worked alongside her mother as long as she can remember. After working for many years in retail and customer service, she joined Heidi to expand the family business into what is now The Wedding DeTailor, putting her sewing and fashion skills to use at weddings, photo shoots, and events.

When she's not DeTailoring, Violet teaches yoga, shreds the gnar on her snowboard, and scuba dives at her favorite reefs around the world.